Hookijac Performance Products


Slash out pipes
Performance Exhaust

These pipes are available to fit the R1200C, R1200CL, and the R1200CLC series bikes. These pipes are designed to provide an appeal to the rider with looks, performance and sound.

They come with a 2 inch exhaust inner pipe and a 3 inch outer stainless steel housing to resist bluing and for a beefier appearance, with an option of the slash cut turned down or out.

Baffles are made to order for sound and performance. Options are either level 1 or level 2, with the addition of an adjustable deflector to fine tune the sound. We maintain a two inch crossover pipe which, by equalizing the exhaust pressure provides power and houses the O2 sensor. Mounting instructions and tips are provided. 

High Temp Black Crossover Pipe $700.00
Shipping and Handling for all complete systems - $35.00


Hookijac Exhaust Adaptor

After numerous requests for an exhaust adaptor to fit Harley mufflers on to the BMW’s we have a system fabricated and ready for use.

This exhaust adaptor fits on the BMW OEM 2 inch header pipes and has a pipe reduction system to accept Harley 1 3/4 inch mufflers. The cross pipe is set up to maintain the 02 sensor so the BMW "EFI" can continue to operate efficiently and get the proper air fuel mixture. The adaptor mounts on the stock hangers, and the mufflers can then be slid on and clamped. The system comes with 1 3/4 inch clamps to attach the mufflers and mounting instructions.

This system is set up for the C,CL, CLC and Montauk series BMW’s.

Harley Davidson Exhaust Adaptor $300.00
Shipping and Handling - $25.00


Slash down on Phoenix

After a Great Summer of riding the Upstate of the Carolina's.....all I can say about the performance of your pipes and my bike now is AWESOME !!!!!!!!

I wanted to you and any perspective buyers to know that my 1998 R1200 has never been as responsive or performed as Great as it does now.... and anyone considering a set of your High Quality Pipe's and SERVICE should Look No Further !!!!!....the sound alone should sell.... but the performance and quality is the Greatest Payback !!!!.... it has been the greatest to have "traded" with you and I am very proud to say that everyone that I have recommended, and they have purchased, are as satisfied as I .... which makes me keep that warm fuzzy feeling glowing within ..... God Bless You......

Yes ,I too have purchased a set of the pipes from hookijac.I am very pleased with the fit and performance. I chose to go the turn out pipes as I found the appearance very pleasing. To me the biggest difference that I immediately noticed was the amount of low end torque that the bike has now. The sound of the pipes is sensational, it makes me feel real proud to crack the throttle and just smile. He is a gentleman to deal with. I too plan on purchasing his barbacks, as I feel that such a good product can only lead to more quality products. To truly sum up how I feel about the pipes, dollar for dollar they are the best money spent for an after market exhaust, hands down, and Bob stands behind his workmanship.

Just received my Hookijac Pipes today! Installation was a breeze. I got the Level 2 turndowns all I can say is WHOA! This is what I have been waiting for. After 80K I finally get to hear what my "C" was meant to sound like.
Thanks Bob!

Just got back from TX To OH, Put about 1800 Miles on My CLC with the Hookijac mufflers installed, Towing a Unigo trailer loaded with about 70 lbs and top case,side cases full and Im fat, My gas mileage was 43 mpg at BMW 75 mph I noticed that I could speed up to 85 or 90 with ease, The Hookijac mufflers definitely enhanced the performance of the CLC, I'm very satisfied with Bobs product and His integrity.
Thanks Bob.

I wanted to post my experience with Bob Nelson's new design, Hookijac exhaust. In a word its outstanding and I want to recommend it to other chromeheads considering changing theirs. I ordered the slashcut pointed down with level 2 baffles. Observations are that the sound is perfect; there is absolutely no back firing (I removed power to the computer) and performance is improved. The reason that I believe performance is better is because as an old motocross racer, I like to pull a wheelie now and then. With the Hookijac, I can get the wheel up much easier and longer and this clearly indicates a performance improvement to me. Some of my Harley friends came over for the christening and they were all impressed with not only the level of sound, but the quality as well. It has a nice throaty rumble and changes the personality of the bike in a very nice way. Bob never asked me to write this. I just wanted to spread the good news that there is finally a reasonably priced exhaust for the C.

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